Children’s Water Festival: An Informative Programme on Importance of water

Organized by the Southwestern Water Conservation District, this festival is organized every year to convince the school students about the importance of water, the 25th edition of the festival was organized in the year 2020. Every year, about 450 school students gather at the Fort Lewis College campus located in Durango, Colorado, and get the necessary information about this science conference which focuses solely on water utility.

All the activities or presentations that take place in this event help all the school students to understand the various roles of water which are important in our life. And apart from this, many kinds of difficulties related to water which come from misuse of water are also explained to the students in different ways so that they understand the importance of water and never waste it.

How important is water for an individual, for a community, and for the whole world, it is told and other important issues related to water are also provided in detail. There is only one motive behind all these activities, that is how well we can understand the natural source of water, its importance and utility so that water can be used and saved for our future generation.

All these programs are designed keeping in mind the students of the Fifth Grade so that all this information can fall in an educational way and help them in their future. For this, work is done in collaboration with private schools, district government schools, and home schools so that the experience of this event can be combined with the students’ water curriculum which also helps in their studies.

Along with this, all students also get this opportunity so that they can make their career in different topics like water pollution, water safety, water conservation, water species, water treatment in different topics. And all the school students get the experience of entering the college campus and sitting there so that they can know how they will be in their college classrooms and how they will be taught there in the future.


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