Detroit River Water Festival: An Educational Event to help learn importance of Fresh water

Today we are going to talk about the Detroit River Water Festival, which is not a celebration but merely an educational event that aims to provide much important information about freshwater to all middle students of Detroit Public Schools.

The event is held for just one day, in which students from all over Detroit gather and get knowledge about the Detroit River and freshwater. The Detroit River Water Festival is actually a free program whose main purpose is to inform school students about the beauty around the water, and the importance of freshwater, and how it affects our day-to-day life.

In this event, many different activities are conducted to the school students and they are guided by renowned water quality professionals and top-level academic instructors. In this event, students are made aware of many problems related to Freshwater and many issues related to it.

So that they understand the importance of Freshwater and do not waste it or let anyone else do it. Apart from this, other information related to the sources of water such as the hydrologic cycle, geosphere, ecosystems is explained to the students in this event.

By actively participating in this event, all the students and others get detailed information about the impact of the Detroit River on their daily routine and the economy of Detroit. They all vow to protect the Detroit River and do everything possible to save this invaluable heritage.

From now on, every year the Detroit River Water Festival is organized by an organization called Friends of the Detroit River, which is supported by many sponsors, in addition, the DTE Energy Foundation has also given funds for the re-organization of the Detroit River Water Festival, Every year these events are held on time and in a similar way.

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