Everything you Need to Know about Myanmar Water Festival or Thingyan

Today we are going to talk about another water festival which is celebrated in Myanmar between the 13th and 14th of April, these days are also declared official bank holidays in Myanmar. The Water Festival in Myanmar is a huge celebration that is celebrated every year to mark the arrival of the New Year of the Myanmar calendar, this day marks the beginning of Myanmar’s lunar calendar and celebrating the beginning of a new life.

Water festival is known as Thingyan in Myanmar but outside of Myanmar it is called Water festival and people know it by this name. This festival is one of the biggest festivals in Myanmar and many tourists from all over the world come to Myanmar to attend this festival in order to be a part of this grand celebrations.

This festival lasts for about 5 days and involves a variety of religious activities, dancing, celebrations, and eating and drinking. Some Hindu customs have a hand in celebrating this festival. In fact, it is the Buddhist version of a Hindu religious story. Which is celebrated by the people of Myanmar every year.

On the first day of the festival, people of all Buddhist faiths take only one meal before noon and worship Buddha with their customs. An offering to Buddha consists of a large bunch of bananas with green coconut and many other things along with it, after that perfume water is sprayed from head to toe under ceremonial washing.

After that, a cannon has been fired as a signal and people come out of their homes and bring a small water pot with them, after which people pray and pour that water on the ground, after which the arrival of the new year is announced by the Brahmins.

Children are told that if they continue to be good, then their name will come in the Golden Book and if they do mischief, then their name will be written in the book of dogs. After this, the water festival begins in which the Myanmar government eases restrictions on large gatherings. As the night progresses, the festival begins with fun and goes on throughout the night, whose main attraction is the local women wearing traditional veneers who perform their traditional dances and songs.

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