How to Manage & Control your YouTube videos, music & more

YouTube is an online public communication site. It is the world’s biggest online video streaming site. This site grants all the registered users to upload and view the videos. Furthermore, if you want to access an infinite collection of movies, TV Shows, and more then just go for Showbox Apk to unlock the hidden world of entertainment. The video can be of beginning video or the professional videos. It is calculated that they are one trillion videos on YouTube that are 140 videos for one person in the world. Thus, the use of YouTube is very high among internet climbers. Now we can link this YouTube with Google Chrome easily. Chrome, as we all know the most trusted and authentic browsing app developed by Google.

Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers globally. So, in this article, we are discussing the managing of YouTube playback controls in this Chrome application. By this, we can link YouTube and Chrome together. Actually linking playback tools a given by some of the third party applications but when it is given to a browser it will have numerous uses. This is available for all the operating systems but needs the latest version of Chrome. The latest chrome version is 77.0.3865.75 the upgraded version support this toolbar.

The new feature will be helpful for the users who like to listen to music or video in another tab while they work. It will come out as a handy feature, in fact. The tech site TechDows has even shared a screenshot of this feature to let us know how it looks like on the screen. According to the site, it’s “Global Media Controls UI” introduced in Canary version 77 and it can be enabled and seen from the toolbar.

Bottom Line 

It’s is one of the great features in the new chrome tab. Google is giving some juicy creations and updation for global customers. But must note that the Canary version is the most unstable version and it contains bugs. In fact, as reported by many sites, after updating to the latest Canary version, the browser crashed several times.

So, you must be prepared for any kind of issue that occurs after this update. If it is causing a problem, you can go back into chrome://flags and set it back to Default to disable it. The only drawback is that It will not show you thumbnails of the video or song currently being played, as it does for YouTube.

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