Some Amazing Water Festivals you might Not Afford to miss

Who does not like to travel and especially everyone loves to travel to different places in the world and learn about new cultures, it gives you many memorable experiences and you feel refreshed. Whether you go to any corner of the world, you will always get a memorable experience and you will always get to know some new and unique things.

There is a common thing in the whole world that people from different countries do for their happiness, that is to celebrate, in these festivals you get a glimpse of the culture and tradition of different countries. All kinds of festivals will have some common things like having fun, dancing, singing, enjoying, and enjoying a variety of delicious dishes.

But behind every festival, there is a reason why that festival is celebrated at the same time of the year, as it is related to religion, art and it is also celebrated on the arrival of a new crop. Whatever the reason is, every month or every day in the world, you will definitely get to see some festivals.

Generally, the whole world is connected with a simple but important thing that gives life and that is water. From drinking to bathing or having fun for coolness on a hot day, water proves to be a boon in everything. That is why in many parts of the world you will get to see many water-related festivals, and we have given a list of some of them.

  1. Dai Water Splashing Festival

This festival celebrated in China is a special celebration for the Dai ethnic minority. On the first day of the festival lasting 3 days, people buy special items from the shops located on the outskirts of this area, on the second-day people fling lanterns in the Lankang River which is supposed to get rid of evil spirits and on the third day all the people wear new clothes, gather in the nearby Buddha temple and blow water on each other.

2. Vardavar

The specialty of this festival celebrated in Armenia is considered to be two deities, one of which is the Pagan goddess Astghik who sprinkles love and rose water in the people and the other is God Vahagn who protects the people. On this day people throw water on each other and on this day there is a tradition of freeing pigeons and doves in many places.

3. Songkran

This New Year celebration is one of the most special festivals for Thailand, which is celebrated in the middle of April, this festival is taken from a Hindu festival which provides relief to people from hot summer after fighting with water in the heat.

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